February book review

So here our February round-up of some of our current reads!

I’m reading…

So far this is not my favorite. While it has some good thoughts, as a teacher I have a problem when someone cites wikipedia as a useful search engine (it’s not) and uses appeal to tradition fallacies. Plus I got a 100 on the quiz at the beginning. So boom. Parenting done. Just kidding. Not about the 100 part. I’m not playing around with quizzes.

Okay, so on to some of my favorites:

I keep thinking that I’m going to finish this book and it NEVER ends. Worse than that, I’m slightly obsessed with finishing the book and so I cannot put it down. I only have 100 pages left I think. Out of a lot.

The library book I have waiting in the wings…

I love non-fiction books, especially ones about cooking. I’m going to take a break from Sherlock Holmes to start this one. Maybe.

And what I read every morning:

My in-laws gave me this one year Bible for Christmas and I’m busily making my way through it. I’ve always wanted to read the Bible all the way through and this provides a great way to do that!

And on A’s list…

This is a series of mystery books that A is reading. The author has several other series, but these are A’s favorite so far.

And A is also reading:

The Ramona series. He thinks they are “very funny” and after reading Ramona the Pest he asked if there are are more that he could read about Ramona.

And we are reading J:
J is starting to read, so he likes having the element of chapter books like his big brother.



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