Favorite Souvenirs

DW: Favorite Disney SouvenirsI still have a few Disney posts left! Next up is our favorite souvenirs from the trip. The items that I’m featuring are “park exclusives”, but many of them you can order on the Disney Parks App. The boys (B included) purchased several books, however, I have to say you can get the books MUCH cheaper on Amazon (yes, I price checked). In the future I think I would tell them boys I would collect their book list and then have them shipped to arrive at our house when we returned from the trip. So that set aside here is what I thought were very much worth the purchase (and the boys still play with and love).

Cup o’ Legos:

DW: Favorite SouvenirsThe wall of Legos is still a favorite of the boys. They are instantly mesmerized by all the choices, and each Lego store has a different selection of Lego pieces. Although they still enjoy getting the sets I find them playing with their cups of Legos and making robots, cars, and battlegrounds.

Pirate Play Items

DW: Favorite Souvenirs DW: Favorite SouvenirsThis was a purchase where J got off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and said “ARGH Matey! I a Skeleton Pirate like Jack Sparrow”. He continued to say this throughout the day and then when we were wandering in the shop and he found the hat. Which lead to the map, telescope, and sword for A. These items were great because 1) they were fairly inexpensive by Disney standards and 2) J wore that hat the rest of the day. And he was wearing it this morning:

DW: Favorite SouvenirsAnd plus, he could be a pirate for Halloween if he decides against going as Pikachu.

Of course, I knew I wasn’t getting out of Disney World without lightsabers for the boys:

DW: Favorite Souvenirs DW: Favorite Souvenirs DW: Favorite SouvenirsThis was BY FAR one of the longest lines we stood in. Yes, to get into the store. To make the lightsabers. There was constantly a line as well, so it wasn’t like we misplanned our timing. It was also one of the only lines (the Jedi Training as well) that we saw people actually try to cut in the line, and get evil eye stared by other line waiters. I kid you not. B and I wised up after seeing the long line earlier in the day and brought the DS for the boys. So they sat and played and then moved when the line moved. GENIUS.

Anyway, it is worth it if you are willing to wait a bit. For 25 dollars you can add whatever parts you want (single blade lightsaber) and it lights up, makes noises, and changes color. You absolutely cannot buy anything on par with this at any other toy store (trust me I’ve looked). J chose to build Dark Vader’s lightsaber and A built a custom one.

Sweet Eeyore:

DW: Favorite Souvenirs J saw him the very first night we were there and hugged him instantly and said “OH Eeyore I’ve been waiting to meet you!” and Eeyore has had a coveted bed time spot ever since.

And finally, A of course got a set of office supplies:

DW: Favorite Souvenirs

We visited many different shops inspecting pens and notebooks before A settled on a set at The Polynesian Resort. Another great place for pens, notebooks, and other items like this is Mouse Works in Epcot.


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