Fast pass to multiple experience pass tips

We’ve experienced lots of different situations on our Disney trips, but on this past trip we experienced a new to us situation, that lead to us learning some insider tips that we didn’t know before and wanted to share it with all of you!

On our Hollywood Studios day we entered the park to both Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster being shut down. We had fast passes for both and so while we did other rides (which as you know right now at Hollywood Studios is minimal, but won’t be in fall 2019), we periodically checked back to see if the rides were running again. Our fast pass time came and went, and so we missed both rides. Or so we thought. When a fast pass ride is shut down and the window to ride it goes by, it should turn into a multiple experience fass pass on MyDisneyExperience for the park. However, the boys were kind of done at Hollywood Studios. Knowing this I went to guest services and spoke with a cast member. Our kind cast member then turned our 2 multiple experience fast pass for Hollywood Studios to 4, and added an all park multi-experience fast pass on for each of us!


The boys then asked if we could go on Toy Story Mania again with the extra Hollywood Studio fast pass, so we rode that one:

After that time Rockin’ Rollercoaster started working again, so B and J rode that and then we left and went back to the hotel to relax for a bit. Later that day we walked into Epcot and used our remaining fast pass there.

So a couple of important things we learned. One, if your fast pass ride goes down during your window of riding, it should automatically turn into a multiple experience fast pass for the park. Two, if you have park hopper you may be able to transfer this fast pass to another park (you will probably need a cast members help to do this at guest services, and it does not cover all rides….don’t expect to get one for Flight of Passage). Three, it pays to be polite. I’ve read this time and time again on Disney tip blogs, as well, and I have always found no matter how frustrated you may be about a situation, if you approach cast members with kindness and patience it’s going to be a much better experience all around.


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