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Do you have snow where you are? Our schools were already delayed on Saturday, and it’s not supposed to reach above freezing for two days starting Sunday night! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever experienced temperatures as cold as it’s supposed to be. We bundled the boys up and took them out Sunday morning because we knew we could be house bound for quite a few days. Before we went out we made this:

Fried Egg on Avocado ToastI’m not a big breakfast eater, give me a bowl of cereal and I’m good to go. However, one of my favorite breakfasts (and possibly foods) in the whole world is fried eggs on toast. When my husband opened up his new Everyday Easy Chinese cookbook, he immediately showed me a recipe for fried eggs on toast and said “well, we have to make this!”. It is a simple combination of toasted rye bread, avocado slices with two fried eggs on top (with a drizzle of soy sauce).                                                                                                                                       The combination of the freshness of the avocado, the nuttiness (is that a word?) of the rye bread, and then the fried eggs is amazing. The soy sauce adds an extra bite to it. Next time I would drizzle a bit on the bread before putting on the avocado and eggs because it tended to run off the top of the eggs.And of course what really makes it is good fried eggs. You can pan fry them in a bit of butter, or you can go for it and fry them in bacon grease. My Granny used to pan fry eggs in bacon grease for her kids in the mornings (she had five kids by the way). Every time I find that incredulous, as they can be tricky and take a lot of attention.
Don’t let that deter you though! This is a great little breakfast recipe to try. Happy Monday!

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