Fall work + weekend style board

Although it certainly doesn’t feel like Fall here, maybe if we talk about it, it’ll come! My favorite colors for fall are navy (no surprise there), burgundy, browns, and tortoise shell. I also love the idea of complementing them with a bit of baby blues or light pinks. So with that here’s my style board for fall…

Fall Look Book[Blazer][Purse][Halter][Bag Detail][Courds][Dress][Earrings][Sweater][Pants][Heels][Tee][Jeans][Nailpolish][Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt *Background]

One of the things I look for when I shop is items that will coordinate with what I already have, items that I can dress up or down, and items that can be layered for the few days when it’s really cold. I’m excited to start shopping for Fall next month!

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