Fall Sports

A Plays TennisThis past week the boys have started practices for their fall sports! A picked tennis and J picked soccer. I have to say I was excited that A picked tennis this year because that means no evening and morning baseball games in the heat (and then the cold). They both have been really happy with their choices, so I think they definitely chose right for this year. Here is a little more of their practices…

The tennis instructors for A’s lessons are really awesome. They were there when A played tennis two years ago and they remembered him when he came back this fall!

A Plays Tennis A Plays Tennis

He has improved a lot since he played when he was in Kindergarten. He hit one of the balls almost all the way over the fence. He is now working on hitting them with power, but not trying to knock them out of the park…since you aren’t really looking for a home run in tennis. Hahahaha.

A Plays Tennis

On to J, who is very excited to play soccer. He wanted to play in the Spring, but they didn’t have it for his age group in the Spring, so he as soon as I asked him if he wanted to play this fall he responded with a resounding “YES”. This kid loves to run!

J Plays Soccer J Plays Soccer J Plays SoccerB took him to soccer, so J told me all about it when he got home. He said “we ran, we yawn stretched (stretched), and then we KICKED the ball, and then we yawn stretched again.” So there you go.

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