Fall Learning: Bats

Sup. My husband and I tend to use ‘sup as a greeting when we have had an especially tiring day, and with J this has been an especially tiring day. He is getting all four of a set of his molars right now, and is having a really tough go of it. He pretty much does not want to do anything except sit, and hang on me, or watch a show, or cry. Or try to turn off the television, the light switches, and a million other things that he isn’t supposed to touch. Which leads to more crying when we tell him no. I am on a continual process of un-decorating our house. I have removed lamps, side tables, and put more locks on cabinet doors. He still manages to find and open the doors that don’t have locks on them.

Anyway, I am continually looking for little projects and distractions for J (and A as well). While A is at school, J and I go to Little Gym, the library, browse the plants at Lowe’s, and take walks around the neighborhoods (on different days, obviously). On my non-work days I have a list of a few things that we do before and after nap time. Since it is officially fall I have a list going of fall activities (many of which are A’s very favorite things, so he is quite excited). I thought I’d share some of of our fall learning activities and themes with you! This week we are talking about bats (A LOVES bats). I got plain wood bats from Hobby Lobby and the boys and I painted them:

BatsWe also decorated them with silver glitter tube paint. If you paint one side it will take you only about thirty minutes to complete. We painted one side one day and the other side another day. I helped with the silver tube paint decor, but A painted his black mixed with dark purple on his own (I helped J). They turned out lovely! September 2013I found cheap little wall decor bats from the Halloween section of Target and added them along with our door hangers for our first part of decoration.

Then we talked about how bats fly, and we looked for bats at night (our area they come out at dusk…especially at mid-late summer). And A dressed up as a bat for the occasion:

Bat costumeAnd then we read books about bats that I checked out from the library (and some we already owned). A few of our favorites are:

Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies

Stella Luna by Janell Cannon

Nightsong by Ari Berk and Loren Long

What do Bats do? by Scholastic books

My general idea for any learning activity is:

1. Do a small and simple craft.

2. Hang simple decor (this has been especially great for J who says “BA! BA!” when he sees them on his door).

3. Get outside to discover.

4. Read books.

5. Do something hands on (like dressing up, as A did).

And that’s it! I’ll share the rest of our fall learning as we complete them!

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