Fall Decor

Fall DecorMaybe if we discuss Fall it will come? Kind of like the whole Field of Dreams philosophy. I would have posted this last week, but Target didn’t have all of their Fall decorations out (I KNOW! It’s the first week of September? Hobby Lobby is already past Christmas and on to Valentine’s Day. Just kidding. Sort of.) and I was waiting on the two pumpkins you see above. So besides those, here are my fall decorations…

I really have that plant featured on there because you should be impressed that I kept a plant alive in my house. I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the flowers in our front garden bed. Anyway.

Fall Decorations

The boys are most excited about the candy corn:

Fall Decorations

The tea towel from Sweet Pineapple is still my favorite:

Fall DecorationsAlong with my Anthropologie feather and a sweet little stack of Anthro candles.

And after seeing this tea towel on Momfessionals I had to pick it up:

Tea Towel

And I put out my favorite fall plates:

Fall Decorations

And rustic “give thanks” sign:

Fall Decorations

And finally my favorite quirky wreath:

Fall Decorations

I’m just going to pretend like it’s 75 degrees and have some Trader Joe’s chai tea now.

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