Facing the Cold

Definition of Contrary: Noun/Action Verb. Super A. Decides he wants to do one thing then changes his mind. Constantly. Predicated by phrases such as “I don’t like that now”, “No. I don’t want to anymore”, “I can’t do that”.

This seems like a distant memory considering it is 72 degrees outside right now. However, last weekend it was dreary and frightfully cold. Yet Super A needed to go outside. REALLY, REALLY needed to go outside. So we bundled him up and took him outside for the fifteen minutes it took to cook our Tombstone pizza in the oven. I had to snap a couple pictures of the hilarity, because in the amount of time it took us to bundle him up and get him outside, he went outside, looked around for about two seconds and then wanted to go back in. Nice.

The one attempt to play ball.

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