Even though you can’t buy it all…

J at Ikea“Oh my b-boy bed!” J said excitedly and immediately claimed as his own. Even though we didn’t think we could fit that in the car we did end up purchasing a few other items if you would like to see…

Ikea HaulOne of my requests for our trip to D.C. was to go to Ikea. List in hand, we went early, on a weekday, and had plenty of lollipops for the boys. There were a few crazy moments, but I managed to get most of what I had intended.

So here is what I bought:


Ikea PurchasesHousehold Items: Three gray Ribba frames, two cushion covers, kids’ glasses, bowls, and plates, a new cutting board, three white picture ledges, and normal size wine glasses (*also not pictured is three circular cork cooling trivets).

For the boys: A sheepskin rug for A’s desk chair, the bygel rail system for above A’s desk, a flat pillow for J’s big boy bed, and a step stool for the boys’ bathroom

Toy items: The boys picked out the baking set, the cupcake set, an abacus, new paint brushes, and easel paper.

And there were a few items on my list that I didn’t purchase:

Ikea BustsClock: It looks really plastic in person.

Toy bin: NONE of the drawers in the store on these boxes slid out properly (I tested at least 5 bins). I was super disappointed because I was planning to get this for J’s room.

Table lamp: This was incredibly lightweight, and could easily be pushed over.

And lastly I am already starting on a list for next time:

Ikea listTrack light: I didn’t get a chance to check our current light in our laundry room, so I could tell if it would work with their track light, so I am saving that for another time.

Rugs and Curtains: I would like to update our bathroom rugs and get another pair of curtains for our kitchen window, but I had already spent my budgeted amount and decided those could wait.

Kid’s stool: I am not a huge fan of their kids’ plastic table and chairs line, however (after we went) I this table paired with them on a home decor site (if I ever find it again I’ll let you know, I knew I should have immediately pinned it to Pinterest!) and loved it. So, it is on my list for Christmas for the boys and I’m going to pick up the stools the next time we go.

And don’t worry, I didn’t forget to go to The Container Store…I’ll share next week! Happy Thursday!


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