Eleven Months

Oh my baby is going to be one year in one month! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. We were sitting at the table the other night and I asked my husband, what were we doing at this time last year? And my husband replied in his very engineering way…waiting for the floor to be fixed in A’s room. Oh right…thanks for the reminder! Mainly because I was completely panicked at the time that we wouldn’t get the room finished and set-up before A  arrived. Now I’m not sure what I was worried about. A didn’t even use that room until he was about two months old.

Now I am in the middle of work, crafting birthday decorations, and running around the house chasing after a hilarious and very fast eleven month old. Let’s just see what Super A is up to this month…

– A sits with his legs crossed on the floor (no doubt mimicking us…but it’s funny when they have little short legs).

– A is now down to three bottles a day, loves strawberry toast still, and could eat yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we let him. He also loves crackers, and is amazingly good at taking bites of food.

– A is wearing size 18 months in most things at this point, so my fingers are crossed that my sale fall/winter items will fit in a few months.

– If you don’t pay attention to A at the table now he says “hey, hey, hey, HEY, HEY!” until he gets some sort of response.

– A is definitely a mimic. Everything we say he says back (or tries to say back), and this is his favorite game with Daddy.

– A loves to stand at the tub in our bathroom and turn the water on and off, and on and off, and on and off….

– A knows where his nose is and loves to show you where your nose is if you ask him.

– A is walking holding on to the couch, the walls, the cabinets,  and he can pull up and stand on his own for a few seconds. We are waiting for him to take off soon.

– A twists his ear and his hair to calm himself.

– A now loves to talk to strangers and tries to get their attention (much to my chagrin) by waving leaning backwards out of carts, highchairs, and talking.

– A still loves taking baths and they have now become part of his nightly routine.

– A will sit quietly if you read to him, but he is getting tired of certain books that we read often. He will push them away or close them, or say i doh (which means i’m done).

– A loves to share his pacifier, his cheerioes, or his toys with anyone willing to take them.

– A loves “hide and seek” (or a more elaborate version of peek a boo) and I spend a good part of my day crawling around the couch and ottoman, as he crawls after me.

Favorite Memory of the Month: When we were at my sister’s house watching the Auburn game A started crawling across the floor nodding like a horse…and every time someone said “how do you do?” to him he would nod in their direction and keep crawling. It was hilarious…and I’m still disappointed I didn’t grab my camera to videotape it.

Aidan Eleven Months
Eleven Months

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