Eighteen Months Old

J turned eighteen months old on Saturday! Here are some updates on J.

Eighteen Months OldJ is the best helper right now. If you start picking up, J will start helping pick up. J helps unload all of the grocery bags after we go shopping.

J loves playing with A, but he is also really good at playing by himself (thank Heavens!! I think that’s a second child thing). He will sit in his room flipping through books, or sorting shapes, or stacking rings for quite a while.

J is joyful, happy, stubborn, and quite mischievous. He loves to giggle and give big hugs.

Several of our favorite things that J does right now is wave everyone goodnight when he goes to bed, give you a “muah” (air kiss), makes an astonished face when you tell him something, and stomps his feet in a happy dance when he’s excited.

Every morning when J wakes up I lift him out of his crib, he pats my back, then wriggles down and runs to the fridge, twisting his little wrist in the air saying “cup! cup!” for his milk. Then he runs into the living room and scrambles up on the couch to sit with me to watch some morning Curious George or HGTV.

This is J a year ago…

IMG_9250-001Can you believe it! He is now a running, playing, full on toddler. He is most excited to be able to keep up with the big boys now. He definitely keeps us on our toes!

IMG_2788Oh and you may have noticed that we no longer are taking pictures with his rocking chair. I had to take it out of his room because he tries to stand on it and rock the chair at the same time! Never a dull moment!

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