Easy summer activities

So, I painted the boys’ bathroom yesterday. I had this feeling of, “I cannot take the look of their bathroom with the flat paint that was there when we moved in, anymore”, so I jumped in and did it. It took me a good four hours total (two during nap time, and two after bedtime), and I decided to paint a few stripes on the wall, so I am in the midst of doing that today! Don’t worry, I’ll share pictures when it is all done, but it already looks and feels soooo much better.

In between drying coats I am taking a break to blog visit with you! During the summer I am always thinking of things to do with the boys, but I don’t necessarily want to jump in to some of the more involved projects that I have found on blogs and from my own stash of ideas. Here are some of our favorite, easy (and less than 5 dollars or free) activities for summer.

Easy Summer ActivitiesWatching a family of geese at the park.

1. Trips to the library. Our library branch has a terrific story time, so I take the boys there on occasion, but I also like to go when it’s not crowded, so the boys can pick out books and play puzzles.

2. Trips to Home Depot or Lowes. The boys love their carts (with the steering wheels), and I can push them around forever, looking at random home items. There are wide aisles and usually these types of stores are not crowded during the week.

3. Alphabet nature walk. Now I have seen the activities with the paper plates were you push the letter down, but I never get around to making that paper plate. We have a local nature preserve and I put the words with the letters in my phone as we walked and A called them out. Want to extend the activity? You can have them draw pictures of what they found, or you can make a word list when you get home of what you found.

Easy Summer ActivitiesThese are chimes at our nature preserve. I love J’s face because he knows it’s going to be loud!

4. Early morning sprinkler run. By midday here it is about 90-100 degrees. Super hot. Which means the boys have to be slathered in sunscreen and covered up, and frankly it is suffocating even with all that. Since both boys are usually up by seven I tend to forefront our day with outside activities. We have breakfast then take walks, play outside, run through the sprinkler, before it gets completely unbearable out.

Easy Summer Activities

5. Super hero paper cups. For five dollars at Target I got a little set, and helped A and my nephew put them together (all stickers). Want to extend the activity? Have them help write a back story to go with the superhero.

Easy Summer Activities

6. Sensory sink with bath toys. I toss a few bath toys and a “stirrer” (which can be a toothbrush, bubble wand, etc.) in a half filled sink and let J go to town.

Easy Summer Activities

7. Playdoh: Outside. I have a secret confession. I HATE playdoh. Have we talked about this before? Probably. The boys love it, but it makes such a huge mess. One of my solutions is to do it outdoors in the shade on a big, old tablecloth. It definitely cuts down clean-up time!

8. Bake something, from a box. Now as I’m sure you know A and I do make a lot of things from scratch. However, he begins to lose interest when things have more than five steps. Sometimes it’s nice to pull out a boxed muffin/cookie/cake/brownie mix and have them go through the approximately four step process. There are some boxed mixes that I love more than scratch….it’s probably that delicious partially hydrogenated soybean oil…bwahaha.

9. And lastly, make what you are doing an activity for them. When I set out to paint yesterday I thought about what A could help with in the process. I had him help me put tape up, unscrew the outside screws for the switch, and run items from their bathroom to ours while I set up to paint. J can’t do those things yet, but A can and I have found for him, at his age, giving him a job helps him to keep from “spinning his wheels*”

*Spinning wheels: When one is spinning their wheels they may attempt to do things such as; stack up all pillows on couch and try to sit on top and then leap off, whine, ask for food even if they just ate, run in circles, sing loudly, sing more loudly, push their brother.

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