Easter Baskets

Easter BasketsMy plan for the boys’ Easter baskets was:

Toy/Stuffed Animal

A is getting a Battleshell Michelangelo that he has asked for FOREVER (in his words).

J is getting a Jellycat Caffuffle Pony. I really can’t stop getting him stuffed animals because he loves them so much.


A is getting Shark in the Park by Phil Roxbee Cox

J is getting Sherlock Holmes in the Hound of Baskervilles by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver (Have you gotten any of these board books series? J and I have checked out every one from the library. His second favorite is Wuthering Heights).


Goldfish carton

Candy Item

Mini M&Ms

Outdoor Item

48 Crayola Chalk box

2 pack water soakers (you can find them at Target).

For their egg hunt I am planning to do a mix of wrapped candy and some little plastic dinosaurs because the boys fight over the ones they have!

And in case you need more ideas:

Here are the boys’ Easter baskets from last year.

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