Ear Infections, Car Rides, and Five Pick Me Ups from Target

On Friday night J stopped sleeping. I don’t know if you ever get this feeling as a parent, but it’s that moment right before you go to get into bed and you hear a piercing cry that slashes through the darkness and it is a feeling of impending doom. No sleep doom. I went into J’s room checked his forehead (no fever), listened to his back (sounds normal), and patted him a bit. Then left. Screaming began again and so we went round and round that night going in and out of his room. We chalked it up to teething, since he had no other symptoms. Then he didn’t sleep or nap well Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday. On Monday his eyes looked a little yucky and his nose was running a bit. By Tuesday morning his left eye was sealed shut and he would scream whenever we laid him down. So off to the doctor we went.

J hates riding in the car and being in his car seat to begin with, so coupled with him being sick it was no picnic getting him in and out of the seat or driving him anywhere. After finding out that he, of course, had an ear infection, we headed out to drop off the prescription and wander around Target while we waited for it to be filled. Have no fear, J’s ear infection was not contagious through the air, so no I was not wandering around infecting people at Target with his germs. Despite feeling terribly yucky, J was happy to ride tucked into the top of the cart with his cart cover, travel lambie and blanket. Anything besides being in the car seat.

So while wandering Target here are a few little pick me ups that we found:

We got some new wood Christmas coasters (J loves coasters), Christmas socks for The Elf on the Shelf to bring A, A mouse timer to put in A’s stocking for his kitchen (he LOVES little gadgets like this, this was such a great find), A tea light owl to put on J’s shelf (I love finding little decor items for his room like this), and a Gingerbread latte for me (my favorite Christmas coffee treat!)

So how are we today? After a day does of antibiotics, J’s eyes are much better, but now a bad cough has cropped up that is disturbing his sleeping, I’m hoping that this will start to subside in another day.

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