Ear Infection + Home = Gigantic Tower

So two weeks ago when A was right in the middle of his ear infection that we had started treating, but before we knew we were going to have to start new antibiotics, he and I were spending quite a bit of time at home. I found these pictures on my Ipod the other day and had to share.

Our tall tower. A and I worked seriously on it for a good hour. Mainly because he would knock it down half way and start over…I liken that to the first born, need for perfection, part of him. I was happy with it the way it was, but he would say, “no this is not right” and down it would go. Finally we had our end result.

I know this picture is super grainy (I sooo need adobe photoshop for Christmas to help me out!!), but I snapped it quick on my Ipod before A knocked the tower down. He managed to leave it up for two hours until my husband got home so he could see it.

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