Donut adventure

Bigfoot DonutsA few weeks ago B and I went on a date night to our downtown’s food truck gathering. Our dessert stop was at Bigfoot Donuts, and they were SO good, that I decided I needed to take the boys on an adventure to pick up donuts before they went back to school. I say adventure because the food truck location on regular days is a bit out of our way…

It’s in a little Airstream trailer right by our highway, and about twenty five minutes from our house. Who knew?

Donut Adventure

The boys were a bit skeptical about getting donuts from a trailer…

Bigfoot Donuts

But once I opened up the box they were totally convinced:

Donut Adventure

And it was a cooler, windy day so the boys were happy to sit at the picnic benches outside and eat the warm donuts… Donut Adventure Donut AdventureAs delicious as they are warm, they are also wonderful once they have cooled down. It definitely is a bit more of a drive than what we are used to, but it is totally worth it for these light, fluffy, little donuts.

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