Doctor visit essentials

Since I’m some what of a pro (unfortunately) at doctor trips, I thought I would share some of my tricks of doctor trips. It’s much easier with A at the age he is, but J can still be somewhat of a challenge. Bringing them both at the same time? That requires extra planning.

The bag I typically carry is similar to this one:
Doctor Visit Diaper BagThis is an updated version of my Vera Bradley bag. My favorite thing about it is the inside lining. You can not only easily wipe it down, but if stuff gets spilled it is easy to clean out.

When I have J with me I always pack three diapers, wipes, a disposable changing pad (like these), diaper disposal bags (like these), antibacterial hand wipes, a change of clothes, and tissues.

In addition to those things for J I pack:

Stickers and small blank notepads (like the ones you get at expos, or from many years of college):

Doctor Visit Stickers

Snacks and and a snack cup. I typically bring out the coveted (and rarely used at this point) snacks for doctor’s visits, like puffs and yogurt bites. Doctor Visit Snack Cups

Lollipops. The key when kids start going crazy to get them to calm down. Not kidding. Doctor Visit Lollipops

Twistables crayon pack. I love this small pack of crayons because they don’t break if dropped, it is a manageable number to clean-up, and J loves putting them in and out of the container. Doctor Visit Crayons

Little coloring book. These books are great because you can not only color in them, you can also read through them.

Doctor Visit Coloring Book

Bubbles. J is still pretty anxious about doctors, but the tech at our ENT came up with this genius idea of blowing bubbles with him before she does the sound wave check on his ears. It worked great! These bubbles are small enough to fit in your bag. Doctor Visit Bubbles

A book with lots of items to describe. J loves books where he can say “what dat?” and you tell him, so this one is great. We got this classic version from our neighbor, but you can still find it on-line. Doctor Visit BookThat’s what I typically carry if I have J with me. Sometimes I will include a small toy, but typically he just wants his lamb, so I don’t bother.

If I have A with me:

I eliminate the J specific items and snack cups, switch to a chapter book (like this one), still take my ziploc that has the crayons, stickers, and coloring book, keep the lollipops, but not the bubbles, and I add a normal snack bag (like goldfish or Teddy Grahams), and we take my husband’s DS and this game:

Doctor Visit Super MarioAnd I typically take only his little backpack or my tote bag.

If I have both boys, I take it all, and say a prayer. HA!

All links in this post (except the Vera Bradley bag) connect to amazon and my amazon associates membership. However, I own all of the listed items and thoughts and opinions are my own! 🙂

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