DIY Monogrammed Wreaths

My sister, Mom, and I had a great time at our craft night this past Friday. Our original wreath idea didn’t exactly go as planned (they have very few beads at Hobby Lobby to create the 96 bead garland I had planned), but they turned out terrific! We came up with our own idea and design, so I thought I would share the process!

This is my sister and I’s process of thinking: “Hmmm….so that won’t work, let’s just spray letters!” “Okay they don’t have enough letters to make more than one word…ok let’s do an initial wreath.” “Wait they don’t have a larger M, let’s go with a smaller wreath!” “What is a wreath that we can stick some stuff on?”

So the materials you will need for each wreath are:

A natural wreath (check the floral section)

4 berry stems (we found these in the Christmas sections)

1 wooden initial

1 spool of wrapped each burlap ribbon (we used green)

Red glitter spray paint


So the first thing we did was laid out all our materials and took off all the wrappings and stickers. Then we went outside and spray painted the letters (I would recommend two coats applied according to the package directions, they were dry within an hour) and set them aside to dry.

IMG_3897 IMG_3898 IMG_3903

You can put the wreath together two different ways. You can first intertwine the berry steams and then wrap the ribbon underneath the stems like so:

IMG_3906Or you can wrap the ribbon first, and then put the berry stems in second:


Either way this will be your finished product:


It has a pretty whimsical look to it doesn’t it? They thing that’s really great is that you can tuck the stems in and just kind of free form it around.

After you get that part done then you will need your monogram initial:


And you can either craft glue it or hot glue it to the wreath:


And then just let it set! And voila:

IMG_3912 To hang the wreath we just took extra burlap ribbon and made a big tied bow:


And then I hung mine on a command hook on the pantry door:

IMG_4016And that’s it! A terrific project, that you can easily do in one night and it costs less than 15 dollars per wreath. Enjoy!

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