Disney World…What we wore

DW: What we woreIt wouldn’t be a complete trip if I hadn’t spent weeks trying to figure out what we were going to wear every day. I don’t usually match the boys’ outfits, but for this trip I worked to coordinate them, mainly so I could remember what they were wearing each day. My one regret was that I should have packed more for myself. Between the scorching heat at some points and a couple of downpours (thanks to a tropical storm), we went back to the room and changed more before dinner then I had planned. I had to recycle a few things in order to get through the week and I definitely would bring more next time. Here is the rundown of our list if you would like to see…

So, I should probably say that most of my shopping for the boys is at Gap, Old Navy, and Target. The boys frequently ruin shirts and shorts (such as life with kids), so I don’t like spending a fortune on their outfits. B’s clothes consist of cargo shorts & graphic t-shirts (usually Star Wars or old school Nintendo). My wardrobe was a lot of athletic gear because it dries quickly (I like Athleta for bottoms, and Gap Fit for tops). The best purchase I made was four Columbia water resistant jackets. They fit in our backpacks just as well as a poncho and were much easier to manage. Full disclaimer: The boys stripped off the jackets as soon as it stopped raining because they did get sticky in the heat.

DW: What we woreSee matchy, matchy. Oh! My other really smart purchase was these shoes from Nordstrom for the boys. They wore them all week.  DW: What we wore DW: What we wore DW: What we woreOn the non-Mickey shirts and Star Wars days I dressed them in bright colors. Makes them easy to spot!

DW: What we wore DW: What we wore

And most days I dressed in stuff like this. Don’t mind my bathing suit in the background. And I ended up pulling up my hair every day.

DW: What we wore

And this is a pic I sent to my Mom as we were headed into the park!

DW: What we woreAnd this picture was after the boys had been instructed to stand like this for Memory Maker photos and finally got the hang of it…. DW: What we wore

And you’ll notice that in almost every picture if you can see my wrist I look like I have a stack of bracelets. We ended up having to wear J’s magic band for most of the trip. Apparently four year olds can’t be responsible to not take off their band and throw it. I’m just as surprised as you are.

DW: What we woreOur trip to Hollywood Studios was probably the hottest day there. We already said when we go back we are going to try for a spring break time. Neither of our boys do well in the heat, despite being used to living in hot, humid conditions.  DW: What we wore Overall, I went with lightweight options, knowing it would be hot (it was), and things needed to be able to dry quickly in case it rained (it did). As you can see of B’s various shirts, I don’t have a picture of him wearing his Indiana Jones Meets Han Solo shirt, but that by far garnered the most comments from cast members and fellow park goers. He got several “Dude, awesome shirt” which I think he was pretty pleased with!

**All pictures of the four of us are courtesy of Disney World’s Memory Maker. Definitely a worthy expenditure!”

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