Disney World…From there to here.

Phew…if you are just reading this post, you will want to go waaay back to the first of the four posts that I put up yesterday. Our final part of our journey was a short stop in Disney World. Since we were going to be only an hour outside of Orlando I couldn’t resist going to Disney World for one day. We went back and forth about where to go and finally settled on the Animal Kingdom. Since our little cupcake LOVES animals, we figured this would be the place he would appreciate the most for his age, and it is fairly laid back with lots of walking trails and slower rides (plus a train!).

We were right about taking him to the Animal Kingdom as he did love it. However, I think the extent of our trip had begun to take it’s toll as he spent a good amount of the time, sleeping. He fell asleep on the rides, in the stroller, and on the buses back and forth to the park. Needless to say one day was enough. We had a good time, but were ready to go home after our day!

He loved the animals! He wanted them all to get out so he could play with him. I told him that they had to stay in their cages, and so then he went to each one saying “I sorry, you get out now”. Too cute!

And here are some family photos from our trip…notice the sleeping baby in most of them!

(I also have to quickly note my pose in the picture with the tree. See the hand on my back? We always wondered why our little cupcake stands with his hand on his back and his hip pushed out at times. And now I know why!)

The next day we actually drove home the entire way in one day. Twelve hours with a nineteen month old?? The last four hours were a bit crazy, but we made it!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest. Aidan reminds me of you on the beach! Love the beach curls.

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