Disney World…Favorite Downtime Spots

DW: Favorite Downtime SpotsOne of the best pieces of advice I had read before we headed to Disney was in order for kids of the boys age to really enjoy it, it’s smart to give them time to just “be” and experience downtime in the parks. As crowded as Disney World can be during the summer this may seem impossible, but we found some spots to enjoy the park without standing in a line…

One of my favorite spots that I knew the boys would also love is the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse:

DW: Favorite Downtime

They also loved the “spontaneous parades”. We literally walked right up to this one:

DW: Favorite Downtime

One of their favorite activities of the trip (besides building light sabers) was filling a bucket of Legos at the Lego store (proof positive that we are paying WAAAY too much to buy coordinated sets, they just want the pieces!):

DW: Favorite Downtime

They had a great time at our hotel, running around the playground and playing hide and seek among these guys:

DW: Favorite Downtime

But by far what they asked to do every night was go back to the hotel and play with their Tsum Tsums:

DW: Favorite DowntimeIt’s the simple things!

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