Disney World: D-Luxe Burger

DW: D-Luxe BurgerWe arrived at Disney so we would get there slightly before lunch, which meant we could eat lunch at Disney Springs and go to the pool that day. Here’s a little bit more about our experience at D-Luxe Burger…

First of all one of the cool things about staying at the Port Orleans: French Quarter (or Riverside for that matter) is that you can take a boat from the hotel to Disney Springs. I’m up for finding any way that I can avoid having to go on a bus because you spend so much time on them during your trip. The boys both enjoyed the boat ride:

DW: D-Luxe Burger DW: D-Luxe BurgerThis was also before it became unbearably hot. This was by far on of the hottest days of our trip and the boys were hungry and we had to walk quite a bit (and then back track because we got turned around) to get to the restaurant. It had a line, but we didn’t have to wait more than about fifteen minutes (although the boys thought it was MUCH longer).

We sat outside, but in a covered area that overlooks a little water divider of another restaurant. The boys enjoyed this feature:

DW: D-Luxe Burger

Although probably A more than J:

DW: D-Luxe BurgerWho was staring at the pager in anticipation of his food because he was “SUPER HANGRY!” And no I didn’t misspell that. When J gets hungry he’s HANGRY.

Since it’s at Disney Springs sometimes it’s a toss up on what is part of the Disney Dining Plan. D-Luxe burger is, but I forgot this in our hot, sweaty, hungry state, so we messed up on one of our quick service plans for the week (We ordered Mickey waffles another day to make up for it).

The burgers are A LOT of food, I probably could have split one with the boys and I have to say I get a bit old lady-ish with the way they package food now:

DW: D-Luxe BurgerYou’re going to think I’m crazy, but you can’t possibly set these both back in the box without one covering up the fries or the other way around. It’s worse with the adult burgers. So then you’re having to hold your burger while you eat your fries, or set your burger on your paper towel, you see where I’m going with this. Or not. I’m not a hipster. Just saying. Continuing on….

The milkshakes were awesome:

DW: D-Luxe BurgerAnd this began our week of, I get stuff for the boys and then they don’t eat it, so I finish it (which is what I did with both of their milkshakes. No judgement.). The milkshakes are thick, but you can still drink them with a straw, something that I appreciate because if the boys can’t immediately drink stuff like this with a straw they usually just give up, or start demanding spoons, making a mess, etc.

The burgers themselves are very tasty. Well cooked, however, there is onions caramelized on the burgers that is NOT listed on the menu, just part of the burger itself. So, that was a not to ourselves for the future, since B is allergic to onions, and I made the assumption of not on the menu, not on the burger:

DW: D-Luxe BurgerI also asked for three different dipping sauces for my fries, since that’s kind of their thing and the chipotle mayo was my favorite, although the buffalo blue cheese was a close second. A ate most of everything he got, and J ate mainly fries (which is not surprising…I’m about to just start ordering him only fries when we go out…”he’ll take the fries, please. Hold the hamburger, or anything else nutritious you’ve got back there”). Overall, it’s a place I’d visit again to grab a quick lunch because it’s menu is kid friendly, the view is great, and next time I’m going to get one of the grown-up shakes for me. HA! You can see more about D-Luxe Burger here.

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