Dirt Cake

Dirt CakeThis cake is not to be confused with my Dad’s favorite dessert, which is called dirt (I’ll feature that another time). This is “dirt cake” the dessert that you normally see at birthday parties in flower pots. However, when J and I made it (he was my big helper this time around), we made it in one big 9×13 brownie pan and it worked out great! I highly suggest using this Taste of Home recipe. I’ve tried several different recipes for this cake, and by far this one was the best. I also made homemade whipped cream (instead of the kind in the container because that is basically soy, which is a big no in our house) which is really quick to add (just whip up a small container of heavy whipped cream with a tablespoon of sugar).

Here are some of our favorite, J approved, steps:

Step 1. Add cookies to the food processor:

Dirt CakeStep 2. Mix up the pudding, and the other ingredients:

Dirt CakeStep 3. Say “no pictures, Mama! I cooking!”:

Dirt CakeStep 4. Do a happy dance because you got to taste test the cookies and gummy worms:

Dirt CakeStep 5. Serve it to family after having a big meal of pulled pork, smoked chicken, and lots of delicious sides and say “I’m stuffed, are you stuffed? Good let’s have dessert” because Jim Gaffigan said so. Happy eating!

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