Dinosaurs and Airplanes

If you remember last year Super A was TERRIFIED of dinosaurs. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes! Super A wanted to see dinosaurs and we got the chance to take him to the Museum of Natural History which has….


Super A was SOOO excited. He kept exclaiming, “I see a dinosaur, I see a dinosaur over there!” He pretty much ran through the whole exhibit with glee.

It’s amazing how big they are up close. Super A thought that was really cool.

And then he found buttons. No museum is complete without buttons. Lots and lots of buttons.

And then he found some skulls that spun around on posts that you could touch and look at. I found this to be a bit creepy. Apparently it’s cool.

And then we moved on to the Air and Space Museum. This museum was a bit advanced for Super A. However he loved looking at the airplanes in the main area, which was really why we went in the first place.

I found this picture hilarious. There were MANY groups of students at the museums for tours. One of the groups was a safety patrol from a middle school. This girl held the door for us when we got off the walking tour of a plane. Wasn’t that sweet? Apparently safety patrol doesn’t take a day off.

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