Currently reading…

Currently reading

I’ve got quite a few books on my reading list for this summer, and my latest edition of read it, reading it, and reading it next…

(Read it) Pushout is a qualitative study which (to me) is a must read if you teach or study in many areas, but especially in communication.

(Reading it) Yes, Chef is the autobiography of chef Marcus Samuelsson. I’m already almost half way through this book and I only started it a few days ago. I am really enjoying not only his story, but also his writing.

(Reading it next) Smarter, Faster, Better has been on my list for awhile because I’m always interested in books that look at societal aspects of being more efficient. I don’t always read them to get techniques, but so I can use it in my business class for them to debate what the impact is in organizations of convincing people to do more with less time.

And here are a few more books on my Summer 2016 book list:

Summer book readsMy Mom, sister, and myself gift, buy, and swap books to read so several of these are in that category. My favorite blogs to find book ideas are Travels with Children, Mix and Match Family, and Cup of Jo. The books I have range from travel nonfiction (Meet me in Atlantis), to mystery (The Beach Club, Winter People), to humor (Modern Romance). Orphan Train has intrigued me ever since I had a student give a speech about it, and The Battle Plan for Prayer is a great guide that I’m sure I’ll reference over and over (making it purchase worthy).

And my travel book for our first trip is:

City of theivesMy only background on this book is I picked it up at Costco and decided to try it. I’ll let you know how it is! A is also reading away as he declared with his cousins that we are doing a family book club this summer. I’ll be sure to update you later in the summer of what they are reading!

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