Cupcake Updates

A new background…in my favorite color pink! I have also updated some of my blog and website links. I do not have as much time as I would like to cook these days, and many of the recipes I make I am still testing out and do not want to post until I have tested them several times…so expect more updates of recipes this summer! However, if you are still hungry (of course you are!) I want to pass along my knowledge of great blogs and websites that I have found and get many of my dinner recipes from.

In addition if you may have noticed I do not post many baking recipes, I mainly post about my baking mishaps (HA!). However, I named my site not because of my love of baking. I named my site because of my love of cupcakes and my quest to always find the most delicious cupcake out there. Some of my favorite places to find cupcakes are now included on my sidebar (and many of them deliver, even across the country!). I also want to include some of the cupcakes and dessert recipes that I have made successfully.

So on the note of success, I tested out Ina Garten’s Chocolate Ganache Cupcake recipe last weekend. I loved them for two reasons. First, they are delicious, lingering between a cupcake and a brownie, with a topping that is reminiscent of eating chocolate fondue that has just slightly hardened. Second, they are truly simple and only include a few ingredients. And look at the picture of them! Yum!

Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

*Oh and on a last note of the chocolate ganache cupcakes…if you see the episode about them on food network, Ina makes them with and without the coffee (and you can also use ground espresso, as stated in the episode). Which means that if you do not want to add the coffee you do not have to. The coffee is added as a factor to heighten the taste of the chocolate.

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