Creeper Planter

At A’s Green Fling day at school (a combination environmental awareness and field day), he received a tomato plant. After searching for a new planter for it, I settled on an inexpensive clay pot and decided to turn it into a creeper planter (Minecraft is EVERYTHING right now at our house) for A.

Here is what I did:

I started with a simple clay pot from Lowe’s (about 12 bucks):

Creating a creeper planter

And then I painted a simple pixel design around the top:

Creating a creeper planterAnd then I painted the creeper face to the front:

Creating a creeper planterAnd A helped me plant his tomato (and by help I mean ran around the yard yelling out instructions while I put the dirt and plant in the planter):

Creating a creeper planterI’m pretty sure Shredder was not amused by the new addition:

Creating a creeper planterAnd I managed to get a picture of the boys with all of our plants thus far:

Creating a creeper planterFrom this picture I realized two things: 1. How did they get so big?? 2. It’s a really good thing we are going in for haircuts next week.

*I used simple acrylic paints for the project, and you could help it last by applying a matte setting spray after you are done (before you plant your plants). However, I have not used a spray thus far, and that shredder pot has lasted for two years without a chip (what you see on it in the picture is dirt).

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