Counting to Twenty with Super A

I haven’t done any learning with Super A posts in a long time! Since A is in pre-school now, I work on more of reinforcing the ideas and concepts he is learning each week (he has a wonderful teacher who e-mails us what the letter, number, and bible phrase of the week is), and making sure I don’t push him into practicing ideas as he revolts from that quickly.

A has been working on counting to twenty at school. He does really well up until fifteen, but then he likes to skip 16, 17, and 18, so we have been working on it some at home. These days it is more difficult to do this sort of teaching with A, he likes to do things on his own, and he doesn’t like the idea of us telling him to do anything. So I have to be more strategic. So I have put twenty blueberries in his lunch and we count them. We set up blocks and then estimate how many there are and then we count them. Today we counted tools. We set up twenty of Super A’s tools and then counted them as you see here:

He thought this was very cool. He said “Wow I have twenty tools, that is so cool!”

I have found that working with a three year old you have to be very flexible in “teaching” them, so I try to sneak it into playtime, cooking with him (how much are we measuring? three cups? Can you count to three?), and reading (see how the bear hibernates like you discussed at school?) and I back off if he starts to notice. That way he is still learning, but you aren’t forcing the ideas.

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