Costumes and Candy

I wasn’t kidding when I said A really did not want to dress up for Halloween. Here is his first costume:

I could hardly get him to keep the sticker on. So imagine how it was trying to get him into the next costume:

He has the roar of the dinosaur down well.

The only way I got him to wear either the dino costume or the sticker to take pictures was to bribe (yes bribe) him with being able to paint his little pumpkin.

Do you see the face on the side? He made that! I was impressed.

After pumpkin painting and dinner, A decided that he did not want to go trick or treating, but had a great time passing out candy to the kids that came to our door.

He even let me put his dino costume back on for a few minutes to pass out the candy.

Running to answer the door. He waved at everyone, and wanted to know when the kids were coming back for more candy!

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