Cooking with J

J has been clamoring to help in the kitchen lately, so I figured this weekend was a good opportunity to let him help make dinner. We made biscuit pizzas which are super easy (can of biscuits, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese), and he did a great job! Let J take you through the steps…

First, you roll out the biscuits a bit…

Then spoon and smooth the sauce onto your flattened biscuits: Add your cheese:Bake for minimum time limit on biscuit can (but I typically do 375 instead of 350), and play Connect 4 while you wait:  And then eat dinner while you binge watch Chopped with your Mama (the boys are obsessed with Chopped!):  And then it’s super easy clean up and soon you’re ready for snuggles and finishing the episode of Chopped you started at dinner:

Then the next morning we got up and made a dutch baby pancake. We used Meyer lemons and boy was it delicious!

We also just blended everything in the blender (eggs first, then add your other ingredients):

And then after twenty minutes it goes from this:

To this:

This is such a great dish to make with kids (obviously you have to do all of the dutch oven work because it is so crazy hot), but the effect of seeing it go from a liquid to this huge puffy pancake is a wonderment to watch!

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