Conquering the closet rack

Seriously, I’m not sure why I am sharing this, but:

Closet rackI installed that extra pants/skirts/purses rack in the picture myself the other day. Honestly for the amount of headache it took me I think I should have spent more than 11 dollars and gone for a fancy wood shelf or something.

Anyway, I share because I care. Maybe you too will decide to install a wire closet rack on your own. So here is what I learned:

You can not put these in studs, they are made to use an anchor (NOWHERE on the directions does it state that).

Look at the pictures. Make sure what you do, looks like the picture. Hold your hands like they show you in the picture. Trust me.

You need a big level AND a small level (they don’t tell you that. Perhaps you, too, have a small toy level lying around. That works).

They sell hole repair kits that are super useful if you say…get a pin stuck in the wall with the anchor and it refuses to come out and when one finally gets it out it leaves a great big hole in the dry wall. Not that that happened to me. Just in case it happens to someone else. 🙂

Anyway, despite the extra time it took I was so pleased that I did it on my own and I feel super organized now! Look my purses are lined up! My pants and skirts are in line! And that’s all. Happy Wednesday!

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