Completed canvas project

Completed CanvasWhile A was at basketball camp in July, J and I began working on a canvas project for my office wall. I’m constantly on the look-out for art and prints to liven up my office (not that the concrete blocks are nice…reminds me of my house when we lived overseas. HA!). I decided it would be fun to take on a project with J to make a dual canvas. Here is a little more about what we did…

This is truly an inexpensive project (unless you need to invest in paint). I picked up a double pack of canvases from Hobby Lobby and a roll of painter’s tape and that was it. We began by taping the canvases, J requested “lots of x’s” so I mirrored his canvas and mine, and then he got to work painting:

Canvas Project

I remember painting with A at our kitchen table and having to constantly turn the canvases…and now I think “why did I do that??” This is so much easier:

Canvas Project

J was literally done in less than ten minutes. He paints really fast and really efficiently. He’s kind of like my Dad when he goes shopping. 🙂

Canvas Project

Here is my completed canvas. I tried to mirror what J had done in my own format:

Canvas ProjectAnd J’s: Canvas ProjectAfter they dried I removed the tape, and painted the lines silver. Then I painted the outside edge in hot pink because J said “it should be pink because it’s in your office and you like pink because you’re a girl.” True. So now they are hanging proudly in my office! Love the brightness it brings to the room and how proud J was of the completed project!

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