Cold Weather Car Essentials

As it is already dipping below the freezing mark, I started switching over our baskets in the house and items in the car for the lower temps. Gone are the summer essentials of sunblock sticks, bug-off wipes, and beach towels and I replaced them with cold weather car essentials.
Car Cold Weather Essentials1. Tissues, lots of tissues. We keep a large box in the car, but I also keep travel packs on hand to grab for my work bag, to stick in A’s backpack, etc.

2. Gloves. My hands hate the winter with a passion. It’s the number one reason I couldn’t imagine ever living somewhere like Minnesota. My hands might just dissolve completely, ha! I keep little cheap gloves in the car in case I forget my good ones.

3. Hand cream. And with those gloves I also have a super rich hand cream that I keep in my glove box, and in my work bag.

4. EOS Lip balm. I have lots of different lip balms, but I like this one for the car because I know it won’t freeze and get ruined.

5. Honest hand spray. As everybody knows (and we know oh so well) it’s a germy time of year. Both of the boys have hand wipes below their seats that we use, but I also keep this spray on hand for myself.

6. Extra hats for the boys. There are times when we go out and it doesn’t feel quite as cold when we are in the garage than we reach our destination and it’s freezing. It’s great to have a few cheap ones in hand behind each of their seats to grab.

7. Blanket. For when we go somewhere and the boys are “freezing” on the way home. Also essential if you get stuck out. It’s the be prepared mantra I have carried over from my parents.

And that’s it! Stay warm on the drive!

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