Cloudy skies

As soon as it hits below 80 degrees in the south, everyone is pulling out their hoodies and jackets because suddenly the humidity has dipped below 100% and it’s cold, cold, cold to our hot weather/high humidity senses.

A great example is A:

Cold weatherWho wore long pants and a jacket to ride his bike outside…when it was 75 degrees. True story.

On the flip side is J, who wearing shorts and a t-shirt while practicing his jump shot:

Cloudy skiesI remind you that J is merely 3. Although you won’t need to be reminded if you are ever at our house around nap time.

The boys spent a good part of our cloudy Saturday drawing chalk creeper faces and Steve.

Cloudy SkiesAnd the sun finally peeked out from the clouds and A decided he could manage without his coat.

All that cooler weather and bike riding did A in for Saturday and he snoozed through late afternoon football games on the couch.

Cloudy SkiesI’m pretty sure there is no better way to spend a Saturday than snoozing and watching football.

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