Closet Re-Do

JThis seems like just yesterday…

J is almost at the point of needing to move from his converted crib/toddler bed into a full on big boy bed. His toes are almost at the edge, and every time I see him in the bed, he just looks more and more cramped. With that in mind, I know that we are going to have to set-up a larger bed, which means that a lot of the items that are in baskets and buckets around his room are going to need to be moved.

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to update his closet, but because of a few factors (utility items that we have to be able to reach, mainly) we can’t do a full closet system. After doing lots of web surfing for closet ideas, I was actually inspired by our re-do in our garage and came up with this:

Closet Re-DoThis is a basic metal shelving unit from Lowe’s. It’s build allows for easy securing into the wall with anchors. I couldn’t believe that this would actually fit in his closet, but after measuring, I found that it will with room to spare!

Which gives me room on one side to put this:Closet Re-DoThis will allow me to still make use of his soft sided boxes, and his current cube system will get moved out to the garage for outdoor storage options.

There is still room at the top of the closet, so I can move his wire shelving up about five-ten inches and that will allow for some extra storage (I’m thinking right now about using it for a certain person’s game system items that are taking up A LOT of space in our closet right now).

It’ll be several months, I’m sure before we get it all put together, but I will definitely post an update when it is complete!

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