Closet Purge.

I officially cleaned out my closet. So of course, now it’s time to go shopping, HA! I decided it was time to donate the clothes I never wore anymore, those I was holding a false sentimental value to, and the why do I have this, and the tags are still on, clothes. It felt refreshing to actually be able to see the clothes I wear and I could write down some new pieces I would like to get in the future (far future)…or perhaps birthday :). So here is a fabulous example of one of the pieces with the tags still on:

Pretty sure I got this my second year of college. Not sure where I was planning to wear it. Completely sure the tags were still on it. Why was I keeping it? The “it’s never been worn” philosophy. Goodbye red dress. May someone find a time and a place to wear you.

Here is a different example. This is the “I might be able to fit back into this eventually” jacket. It does not close. It does not look good open. It does not fit. I have reached my goal weight after having J baby. I am not going to attempt to fit into this jacket again, nor my old work pants. So I bid them all adieu as well.

So after eliminating quite a bit of my old wardrobe here are a few cute summer to fall transition pieces that are on my wish list:

I love these because they can be combined in a variety of ways that can create work outfits, weekend outfits, date night outfits, etc. You can click on the picture to follow the link to see where each piece is from! Oh and every piece is less than $100 dollars. 🙂

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