Clinique city block review

So since I told my sister…and Jessica that I’d let them know how I liked city block I figured I’d review it on here. Here’s my typical Saturday make-up:

Satuday Make-Up Saturday Make-UpWhich may look like a lot, but I typically get my make-up done in under five minutes on Saturday. Sunblock, a little concealer for under my eyes, eye brows filled in (since I found a picture the other day and realized they are such a pain because I WAAAY over-plucked them in 2001. Doh.), a little blush, neutral eye shadow, and mascara. Done.

So here is me with no other make-up but the city block:

City BlockIt pretty much looks like I have foundation on. And that’s the consistency that you are going to get with it. Which I liked because it meant I really didn’t need anything else on top of it. Oh and it’s colored. Not white. Which worried me at first, but it somehow matched to my skin (I have fair skin with yellow undertones).

And here’s with all my make-up done (and in my half laundry room, no less):

City BlockSo here’s the deal. I really liked it for Saturday wear (and when we go to the beach, Disney, etc.) because my face was not red at all by the end of the day (full disclosure: it was windy and cold…however, it was also very sunny) and it basically substitutes as your foundation. It is thick, so you don’t need very much (I’m talking dime size or less). However, if you put foundation over it, I feel like it would be really heavy, so it’s not something I’d want to wear if I also wanted to wear my foundation. My skin is pretty dry to begin with, so I felt like adding foundation on top of it was going to feel mask-like and make my face really pale.

It doesn’t have hardly any smell and once I put it on, I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. It also has a lot of staying power…when I washed my face later in the day, it didn’t seem to wash off completely if that makes sense. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Anyway. I’m going to keep wearing it when it starts to warm up, so I’ll check back and let you know if it still works in Alabama’s hot, humid, AKA, air you can wear summers. HA!

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