Cinnamon Sugar Apple Doughnut Muffins

Our first day of fall break did not go so great. A started running a 103 fever Sunday night, and by Monday I was at the doctor with him to get antibiotics for an ear infection (yea for no more tubes! Not.). In addition to that I had a persistent cold that decided to develop into a raging sinus and bronchitis infection, so before I took A to the doctor I spent the earlier morning at the doctor myself. Thankfully, we had no plans to go anywhere this fall break. However, A was fervently hoping to make apple cinnamon muffins, and while he was too pitiful to help make them I couldn’t refuse his request…

Apple Cinnamon MuffinsSo let me tell you a little more about these magical muffins that are a perfect addition to any fall baker’s list…

First, the recipe itself is not terribly difficult, however it is more labor intensive than most muffin recipes. The labor intensive part is the peeling, slicing, and browning of five apples before you put the mix together. However, once you have that down and have scooped it in the muffin tin (I recommend an old rusty one, ha!):

Muffin TinsYou are just twenty minutes away from perfect, delicious muffins. What I really loved is the apples dispersed perfectly among the muffins instead of sinking to the bottom.

And then after you glaze them, you share them!

Apple Cinnamon MuffinsPreferably with boys watching football in need of a snack…

Apple Cinnamon Muffins(This was taken on Saturday before A and mine’s illness hit. He looks much perkier here.)

Happy fall baking! And you can find the recipe here, on Annie’s Eats. Enjoy!

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