Christmas pajamas…upping our game.

It’s November, friends. That means the holiday season is coming. Which means J is here:

Curious GeorgeWatching Curious George Halloween with both Curious Georges. And already singing the theme song to Curious George’s Christmas Special. This boy LOVES Curious George specials almost as much as The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Almost.

I’m already holiday shopping and making lists because I hate the rushed feeling of getting to December and having to do all sorts of shopping. Not that it won’t happen anyway. HA!

With that in mind, I had already had on my list Christmas pjs for the boys (our Elf on the Shelf brings them), and I decided that B and I also needed some updated pajamas. A is super picky about pajamas, so I had to find ones that were pants and long sleeve shirt, but not tight fitting, and not fleecy material. I also wanted all of our pajamas to semi-coordinated because if I get my act together, I’m planning to take a picture for our Christmas card with us all in our pajamas. We’ll see if that actually happens. So here is what I came up with:

Family Christmas PajamasThe boys’ shirt is from Gap kids and the pants are from Target. The shirt is a lightweight cotton that I got one size larger for each boy so it won’t be too tight, and the pants are a polyester-cotton, very lightweight (and on-sale right now). B’s pants and shirt are from Gap, and my set is from Victoria’s Secret (this isn’t the exact set I’m getting, there are about 6 different choices). Check one thing off my list!

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