Christmas Morning Re-Mix

Happy New Year! Here is our Christmas morning with the boys. I am happy to say that A was delighted by Christmas this year (versus the meltdown of all meltdowns in 2011). He loved opening each of his presents and was most excited about his stocking and that Santa left cookie crumbs behind on the plate!

I told you before about the tradition of the Christmas mug…my husband did not disappoint:

IMG_0988Checking out the bins from Santa: IMG_0993Already mesmerized by the muppet that is Elmo: IMG_0999 I included this next picture so you could see how J sits:IMG_1001 Opening his present from J (a miniature Lego death star…to be immediately put together during J’s nap):IMG_1012A helping opening the present he got B:  IMG_1016 Checking out J’s little book of names and faces:IMG_1019 Opening his new lighting repair lego set:IMG_1031And the most fabulous of them all…his new Imaginext Castle: IMG_1042The boys talking to each other on J’s new phone from A: IMG_1050 IMG_1051“Why hasn’t he called me back?” 🙂

Hope your Christmas was as Merry as ours was! Family Christmas pictures to come!

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