Christmas Day

A jumped up this Christmas at 6:00 a.m. and then realized no one was awake yet, and went back to bed, until I got up at 6:45. The boys were so excited to see their Christmas gifts!

Since B and I’s anniversary is at the end of December, I went ahead and gave him his anniversary present at Christmas:

You can currently find him playing Final Fantasy.

After all the presents were opened the boys got right to work playing with their new items:

Then my parents and grandparents (who are in town for Christmas) came over for lunch:

And then later in the afternoon we headed to my parents to open gifts at their house and have dinner. We took a few pictures before things got too crazy:

And then we started opening presents:

Then the boys settled down to play some of their new games:

And then we headed in to have dinner:

And took one last photo of the four of us before the night was through:

Merry Christmas!

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