Christmas Corners

Welcome to our little tour of Christmas decor! I typically use these posts to help me remember where I put decorations, but next year I guess I’m going to have to figure out all new ideas! I simplified quite a bit this year, I’ve been trying to organize boxes for packing and storage both as I put things up and take things down. While our twinkle lights may not have batteries in them and our only outside decor is a light up llama, our house is still spiritedly flocked for the holidays!

Our mantle and stockings with pops of bright colors:

Our kitchen hutch:

And the festive corner beside it:

Our foyer area:

And the boys’ bathroom (also where Link is hanging out today….which the boys’ denoted as “super weird, so I guess he won’t be back there):

Our kitchen table (the Southern Firefly sugar cookie candle smells amazing):

The boys’ reading spot:

And our coffee nook:

Finally, I think some of the boys’ favorite things are the wreaths on their doors and the trees in their rooms:

Happy holiday decorating!

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