Christmas Cookies-Snickerdoodles

Today we began making Christmas cookies. As I was taking pictures of A making the cookies I flashed back to him making cookies when he was barely one, in a little dishtowel apron with only a stripe of hair and a little green dinosaur shirt.

Flash forward to today:

My baby is now a three year old, who can reach the counter with his step stool and stir the cookie dough.

Poured the sugar over the cookie dough balls…

And enjoyed the benefits of eating a successfully baked cookie.

And tada…snickerdoodles! Notice how lovely they turned out. I attribute this to two things. One is packaged recipe (I do much much better with packaged recipes) and the other is silpat baking mat. It’s fabulous! And we added a little red sugar to the cinnamon sugar packet that came with the recipe for Christmas effect!

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