Chicken + mini peppers quesadillas

Chicken and mini peppers quesadillasPutting a spin on our favorite weeknight chicken quesadillas with mini peppers and zesty pepper cheddar cheese…

This meal is so quick and simple! We’ve been growing mini peppers in our outdoor garden this summer (which the boys LOVE), and so I did just a simple dice of 1 lb of chicken breast and coated it with my taco seasoning mix, and then finely sliced about six small peppers, and cooked it all in a skillet with about two tablespoons of canola oil until done.

Then I grated some terrific pepper cheddar cheese (you can find it at Whole Foods, maybe Publix):

Pepper Hatch Cheddar

And wrapped it all up in a tasty tortilla:

Chicken & Pepper QuesadillasEasy dinner! Start to table in thirty minutes.

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