Chevron Graphic + Teal

I should say, this post is brought to you by how to buy clothes on the cheap because every clothing item here is from Target or Costco. That’s right, Costco. I picked up the teal cardigan from there last fall and I have never regretted it. It’s on par with the quality of JCrew’s sweaters and it is a heavier weight material, so it doesn’t bunch up when you wear it (which sadly some of my JCrew ones do bunch up a bit). And it hasn’t drawn up at all despite multiple washings. The power of Costco.

Graphic + Teal[Costco Cardigan…Similar here], [Ruffled Shell…Similar here], [Target Skirt…Similar here], [Target Pumps], [Brighton Necklace…Similar here], [Brighton Hoops…Similar here] [Fossil Watch…Similar here]

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