Cheesy egg muffins

Usually we have a pretty standard mix of breakfast items that they choose from. Blueberry muffins, cereal, yogurt, granola, and bananas are favorites. I let A pick from those items (or similar ones) for breakfast. However, he will sometimes come up with a really random request. The other morning he thought it would be “hilarious” if I made cheesy egg muffins. He even made a song up about them. He thought he was pretty funny asking for something I didn’t have.

However, I did have a cheesy egg muffin recipe that I got from my Mom, and I made it that morning for him. A was shocked that I was able to make what he assumed was a crazy request. These are a great little breakfast muffin (they are more like a baked omelet) and you could add whatever you liked to dress them up (diced ham, pimentos, or green onions would be tasty):

egg muffinAll you need is to whisk up five eggs…

eggsPut all toppings in a bowl with the eggs…

egg muffinsPour into six greased muffin cups…

egg muffinsAnd bake them at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes:

egg muffinsAnd all done!

egg muffinsA preferred his topped with ketchup (that’s a family thing) as did I, however, J liked his plain. Enjoy!

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