Cheeseburger pizza

I honestly went into this meal not knowing if the boys would like it, but how can you go wrong with cheeseburger pizza? I kept it simple with refrigerated pizza dough, and minimal toppings.


Refrigerated pizza dough crust

1lb ground beef

8 oz can tomato sauce

1 tsp each dried oregano, Italian seasoning, basil, parsley

1 8 oz block grated cheddar cheese

1 tomato, diced


Preheat oven for crust according to package directions. In a large skillet brown ground beef over medium heat and drain fat. Add in tomato sauce and seasonings to ground beef. Cook crust in oven according to package directions. Top crust with ground beef mixture, tomatoes, and cheese then place back in oven and bake until cheese is bubbly and brown (about 5 minutes). Let sit for five minutes before slicing.

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