Charting the Moon

Super A is slightly obsessed with the moon lately. We have to go check for it every night. Unfortunately it’s been cloudy the past few nights, so we haven’t been able to see it (to Super A’s BIG TIME disappointment). Trying to capture this interest I decided to do a little project with Super A using his new big boy markers, some construction paper, glitter and glue. So here are the pages from Super A’s Moon Book.

Super A believes the moon is always hungry. He says “Poor moon. He’s hungry”. If you ask what the moon is hungry for he usually wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

If your child is also interested in the moon, I did this craft with simple circle cut outs and I just wrote the different phases of the moon on either side. We used the crayola pip squeaks markers (which Super A also likes connecting together by their tops!).

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  1. Again, SO CREATIVE! I am super jealous of all of your ideas! Do you have a book where you get them or do you just come up with them?? I think you should write a book!

  2. Thanks! I actually come up with most of them on my own and then I look up reference stuff on-line. I also have several education/craft books and folders that have been handed down to me from my Mom. I usually mean to post more crafts, but it’s hard to remember to take the pictures!

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