Wacky Science Saturday

J had been asking for several weeks to do science experiments, so last Saturday B created an entire day of science experiments.

From floating lava:

To a mad scientist potion:

To swamp juice:

The boys had a blast creating different mixtures and “potions”. The best thing is that all of these can be created with normal household items (and some carefully handled dry ice…by adults only!). It was such a fun day of experiments, and also some tasty treats!

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The marshmallow experiment

WSW: Marshmallow ExperimentToday was our last Wacky Science Wednesday of the summer! It’s hard to believe our summer went by so quickly. We had less activity days than last year, with multiple trips and a day to go see Finding Dory mixed in to our Wednesdays. For this last day we did innovation and group work, two things that as a teacher, I think is SUPER important for kids to learn early and work with often….

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Qixels & Coding

WSW: CodingSeveral months ago I found an article on coding and jewelry making. I loved the idea of re-interpreting it for the boys (although they probably would love to make bracelets as well), but I went with using Qixels because I had them on hand. Here’s a little more about what we did…

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